Sociology Consulting

Uniquely valuable in our modern world

Data Driven

Data is what drives sociological inquiries and insights, and sociologists pride themselves in having an impressive set of methodological skills.


Sociologists examine problems and solutions at multiple levels of analysis, allowing for a holistic perspective of any given situation or predicament.


Thanks to our data driven, multi-level approach, our sociological solutions and insights are adaptable to a large variety of organizational and social contexts.

A Modern Solution for Our Modern World

Sociology consulting employs various perspectives, allowing for a multi-level approach that is innovative, adaptable, and uniquely valuable in our modern world. At Applied Worldwide, we use the unique value of sociology consulting to help our clients:

  • Assess operational efficiency
  • Pinpoint strategies for growth
  • Implement data-driven solutions
  • Reimagine their projects and programs
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Stephanie Wilson, PhD

Director of Consulting Services

Sociology consulting.

Uniquely valuable in our modern world.

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